Starting out with Starbright Body Kits in 1989, entrepreneur Andy Cheng set out with his vision of producing Original Equipment of Manufacturer (OEM) quality body kits and spoilers, an area where no local company has ventured successfully before the company has, since then, consistently manufactured products of show and functional quality that automotive dealers of Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, Mazda Cars, General Motors, Columbia Motors, and Proton Cars have come to patronize. Starbright Body Kits’ research and development unit keeps abreast with the latest advancements in the worldwide automotive industry, especially where car styling trends in the US, Europe, and Japan are concerned. Utilizing the latest in molding techniques, the company produces. elegant and stylish body kits and other car accessories made of fiberglass and carbon fiber of OE quality urethane Starbright also develops fiberglass products other than those for cars, custom-made to client’s preferred design and specifications. Average production output of Starbright is 300 complete body kits (front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper) per month, with more than enough capacity to accommodate bigger volumes. Unlike other companies, all Starbright products are manufactured in-house. With its 500-square meter manufacturing facility within a 1.9-hectare lot in Pasig City, Starbright has no need to outsource. All of Starbright’s designs are made from scratch, not copied or adapted from other kits. Every idea that comes off the drawing board goes through several stages of development to ensure perfection. And all items undergo OEM level quality control involving on-line inspection and impact & wear resistance tests.


Being considered as the industry pioneer and innovator, Starbright Body Kits has constantly been present in local car shows and competitions, such as the annual Trans Sport Show, Custom Car & Sport Truck Show as well as Automotive Audio and Sound-Off

Among the awards that Starbright Body Kits has received are


Not content with the local scene, Starbright ventured into export in 1992, when it made its first foreign sale to Japan. Since then, its body kits have reached the shores of Malaysia, Vietnam, Canada and the United States.


With the intent of opening up its doors to the general public and a wider market, Starbright Body Kits established its retail specialty store, Options Unlimited, in 1995. Located along Araneta Avenue, right in the hub of the automotive aftermarket, Options Unlimited is the destination for hard-to-find car accessories such as emblems/decals, steering wheels, and switches.